New Design Tea Pot

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The Automatic Tea Set Teaware Teapot is a beautiful and convenient tea set that lets you enjoy your tea with ease and style. The tea set includes a teapot, six cups, a bowl, and a strainer. The teapot has an automatic lid that opens and closes with a simple touch, making it easy to fill and pour.

The teapot also has a built-in thermometer that shows the temperature of the water, so you can brew your tea at the optimal level. The cups have a sleek and elegant design, with a curved handle and a smooth rim. The bowl can be used to store loose leaf tea or snacks. The strainer is made of stainless steel and can filter out any tea leaves or impurities.

The tea set is made of high-quality ceramic that is durable and heat-resistant. The tea set has a lovely floral pattern and a glossy finish, giving it a charming and sophisticated look. The Automatic Tea Set Teaware Teapot is a great gift for tea lovers, or a nice addition to your own kitchen. Order yours today and enjoy the pleasure and comfort of tea!