Beautiful Floral Tea Set

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English Afternoon Tea Set Bone China Coffee Cup Saucer Glass Heated Teapot Ceramic Heating Candle Base Reusable Tazas Drinkware: This tea set is a wonderful way to enjoy a relaxing and elegant afternoon tea. The tea set includes a bone china coffee cup and saucer, a glass heated teapot, a ceramic heating candle base, and a reusable taza .

The bone china coffee cup and saucer are delicate and beautiful, with a floral design and gold trim. The glass heated teapot is transparent and elegant, allowing you to see the color and aroma of your tea. The ceramic heating candle base is a clever and convenient way to keep your tea warm, using a small candle that fits inside the base.

The reusable taza is a traditional Moroccan tea glass that is colorful and ornate, adding some exotic flair to your tea time. The tea set is suitable for any type of tea, such as black, green, herbal, or fruit tea. The tea set is also ideal for coffee, hot chocolate, or any other hot beverage. Whether you want to treat yourself or impress your guests, this tea set will make your afternoon tea a memorable and enjoyable experience.



5 reviews for Beautiful Floral Tea Set

  1. Addison (verified owner)

    The size of this teapot is perfect for my daily tea ritual. It brews just enough for one.

  2. Danielle (verified owner)

    The craftsmanship on this tea set is top-notch. It’s a true work of art.

  3. Sophia (verified owner)

    This teapot’s design is captivating. It transforms a simple tea moment into something special.

  4. Elowen (verified owner)

    So happy I took the plunge.

  5. Poppy (verified owner)

    Absolutely phenomenal!

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